Within the gay community, there is a rich and diverse array of terms that gay men use to identify their aesthetics and interests. Often, gay men will align themselves with a specific tribe of men who share similar traits, or describe the kind of men they are romantically interested in by referring to these terms. Whether you identify as a jock, an otter, a bear, a cub, a wolf, a chub, a pup, a bull, a twink, a twunk, a gym bunny, or a gym rat, our complete guide to gay tribes will help you discover where you fit best!

The Jock The term “jock” might carry negative connotations in straight culture, but in the gay community, being called a jock is a high compliment. Jocks maintain athletic physiques; their bodies are muscular and toned with low body fat. They might have some body or facial hair, but it is always well-groomed. Jocks can be of any age, though they are often younger due to their athletic abilities. These guys definitely work out, and we love to watch.

The Bear Bears are distinguished by their large size, whether they are big and muscular or carrying extra weight. Much like their animal namesakes, bears tend to have lots of body hair and often value masculine traits. Subgroups within the bear community include polar bears (older men with grey or white hair), muscle bears (large men with significant muscle mass), and sugar bears (bears with more effeminate traits). Regardless of their specific type, bears are always ready to give a warm bear hug.

The Cub Similar to bears, cubs are built in stature and have lots of body hair, but they are smaller than bears. Muscle cubs are cubs with a muscular build, and sugar cubs may exhibit more effeminate traits. Cubs share many traits with bears but on a smaller scale, and they are undeniably adorable!

The Otter Otters are considered a smaller offshoot of the bear community, sharing many physical traits but with a leaner, more athletic build. They can be of any age and often have slender to athletic bodies. Otters are known for their charming and approachable demeanor.

The Wolf Wolves have lean and muscular body types with a modest yet rugged amount of body hair. They are known for their rough-around-the-edges style and a reputation for being just the right amount of sexually aggressive. Wolves tend to be younger, but as they age, they can become aging wolves and eventually grey wolves, distinguished by their white or grey body hair. We love the bad-boy, rugged look of wolves!

The Chub Chubs are beautifully heavier-set members of the gay community. Super chubs are even larger. Often confused with bears, chubs are a distinct group. Those who are specifically attracted to chubs are known as chasers, and we understand why—they are fabulous.

The Pup Pups are young men, often in their late teens to early twenties, with slender body types and minimal facial hair. They are known for being cute, energetic, and sometimes a little naive. Pups remind us of our youthful selves and bring a fresh, playful energy to the community.

The Bull Bulls are among the largest men in the gay community, often weighing between 215 and 300 pounds. These men are akin to bodybuilders in both straight and LGBTQ+ communities. Bulls can be of any age, although maintaining such muscle mass can be challenging as they get older. Regardless, we love a beefcake!

The Twink/Twunk Twinks are one of the most recognized tribes, characterized by their youthful, slender build, minimal body hair, and effeminate traits. Twunks, on the other hand, have a similar youthful appearance but are slightly more muscular and exhibit more masculine traits. Both twinks and twunks are admired for their beauty and charm.

The Gym Bunny/Gym Rat Gym bunnies and gym rats spend a significant amount of time at the gym, sculpting their bodies to perfection. Gym rats typically have a lean, athletic build, while gym bunnies are more bulkily sculpted. Gym rats can be of any age, but gym bunnies are generally younger, often under 50. Both are admired for their dedication to fitness and their impressive physiques.

The Leather Daddy Leather daddies are older, often more mature men who embrace a rugged, masculine aesthetic enhanced by leather clothing and accessories. They exude authority and confidence, and are often involved in the BDSM community. Leather daddies are known for their strong, dominant presence.

The Geek/Nerd Geeks and nerds are characterized by their intellectual interests, often related to technology, science, or pop culture. They might not fit traditional stereotypes of physical attractiveness, but their charm lies in their brains, hobbies, and sometimes quirky personalities. They can be of any body type and age, and their passion for their interests makes them unique.

The Drag Queen Drag queens are performers who embrace a highly stylized, often flamboyant presentation of femininity. They can be of any body type and age, and their persona often extends beyond the stage. Drag queens are celebrated for their creativity, performance skills, and ability to transform into larger-than-life characters.

Each tribe brings its own unique flavor to the gay community, and finding your tribe can be an empowering way to embrace your identity. Whether you fit neatly into one category or see yourself in several, there’s a place for everyone in the rich tapestry of gay tribes.

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