Unleash your authenticity: Your Story, Our Expertises.

Men of Adonis has over 20 years expersience in Digital PR, Marketing and social media management. Coupled with over 6 years experience in the gay adult industry makes us the perfect partner to help make you grow.

What sets us apart?

We at Men of Adonis have a very stong and passionate ethical foundation. At our events we do not work with ‘gay for pay’. And unlike some companies, we do not take a cut of your earnings.

Men of Adonis Services

Content Creators Collab Events

Our main content creators collab events are the primary focus of Men of Adonis. They include all our areas of expertise at which you get the full package. Cos ya know, who doesn’t always want a full package.

Specialist Photography

Do you just want a photoshoot from people specialisitng in exactly what you need?

Our Photographer is no ordinary photographer. A specialist in male art and beauty photography taking world class images of the male form in all its glory.

Social Media Coaching & Management

Twitter, OnlyFans, Just for Fans, Instagram… the list goes on.

Our Specialts have over 20 years experience in Digital PR and Marketing.

Upcoming Events

Manchester – June 2024

Regisration – Closed – FULLY BOOKED

Manchester – October 2024

Regisration – OPEN

email : contact@menofadonis.com