Social Companion

If you are like many of our other clients, then you will know how great it can be when you are able to find someone for a night out on the town, whatever that might mean for you. Some people want a companion for the theater or even just to a meal at a nice restaurant or bar to wind down in the evening after a long day. We have a lot of people contacting us because they travel a lot with work, and sometimes it is nice to be able to go out and eat with a charismatic companion or a friendly face. The beauty of it is that you can rebook the same person whenever you return to the area.

Travel Companion

Going on Holiday?

Buff Butler

Having a party? get a buff butler who is in his birthday suit to serve you.


Having a party?

The Boyfriend Experience

The boyfriend experience, otherwise known as BFE, is the full package and is best suited for people who want to experience the intimacy and companionship of being in a relationship with another man. These escorts will come with you to events should you so wish, they will accompany you to dinner, take a stroll in the park and pretty much do whatever you would averagely do with any boyfriend. You will make arrangements before hand, all expectations and boundaries will be set, all that will be left to do is enjoy your time with your Adonis.

Intimate Escort Services

If you are interested in entering into a intimate relationship with your companion, then you will be able to discuss and explore your deepest fantasies. Please contact your chosen Adonis Gay Escort to discuss details.