Welcome to Men of Adonis, Elite Gay Escorts & Masseurs in London, Manchester and Gran Canaria. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the largest and most prestigious collection of elite male companions and masseurs.

At Men of Adonis, we pride ourselves on the passion we all bring to our work and we have a genuine love for what we do.

Our History

Adonis Launched in 2018.

Who and what are we?

Platform for self emplyed independant gay and bi masseurs and escorts. We do not ‘take a cut’ and do not employ anyone listed on out site.

What sets Men of Adonis apart?

Not only do we all possess a genuine passion for maintaining a great physique, delivering excellent customer service and an unwavering commitment to providing a 5-star experience but, ll the individuals listed on Men Of Adonis are either gay or bisexual. We firmly believe that you and your companion should have a genuine connection, ensuring a truly fulfilling encounter for both parties. By selecting gay or bi exclusively, we ensure that your companion is fully engaged and enjoying the experience alongside you. We do not accept “straight for pay” individuals.

The Adonis brand holds a special place in our hearts. We stand for excellence, and our team guys genuinely enjoy what we do and take pride in delivering outstanding service to our valued clientele.

While we are not a free site, we strive to maintain reasonable pricing. Our selective and costed but reasonable priced membership listing ensures that all the guys on our platform are up-to-date, dedicated, responsive, and committed to delivering exceptional customer service. With our industry expertise, we understand your needs as well as those of our guys. It’s a mutually beneficial and mutually fulfilling relationship.

There’s so much more that makes us unique, but the bottom line is this: we rock, our guys rock and you’re here so you rock too. We are passionate about what we do, plain and simple. We take pride in providing outstanding service with positivity and a smile. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment. We love meeting new people as well as building lasting relationships with our loyal clients.

The Adonis Code

The Adonis Brotherhood

Our numerous positive reviews never fail to bring a smile to our faces. For us it’s not just about offering a great service, be it massage or companionship, although that is crucial. But It’s also about delivering an epic overall experience. From the moment you make a booking, to the seamless communication, immaculate cleanliness, serene and dedicated spaces, engaging conversations, or peaceful moments of tranquility—the list goes on. We all understand that it’s not solely about the exceptional service itself; it’s about the entire package.

Are you a gay or bi escort or masseur?

Do you possess a genuine passion for maintaining a great physique, delivering excellent customer service, and an unwavering commitment to providing a 5-star experience? If so, we invite you to join us.

Please note that you must be 18 years or older to use Men of Adonis.

All Adonis guys are self-employed individuals and are not employed by Adonis itself. To get in touch with your preferred Adonis, please use the contact details provided on their profile.